Water Jet Service - Eco Friendly and Economical Solution

Water jet cutting is an environmentally friendly technology. The use of highly pressurized water usually combined with an abrasive such as garnet or aluminum oxide makes for a clean and safe method of cutting unlike laser cutting, it produces no gas by-products or dust.   Gas ...

Laser Precision Cutting - Advanced Profiles

Getting Precisely What You Need   When it comes to industry requirements, precision is a key element. For example, when you look at the parts that are used throughout any given industry, precise production is what allows for the part to perform its task and combine together with ...

Plasma Steel - Advanced Profiles

Plasma Steel Cutting Process   Plasma cutting is a widely used method when it comes to cutting steel. Solid metal such as steel or aluminum are very useful and sturdy, but forming them into the shape you require is no easy task. Plasma cutting is what made steel fabrication more ...

Bevel cutting service information

The Bevel Cutting Connoisseurs   Every now and then the manufacturing industry stumbles upon a project that require a certain degree of precision cutting that challenges even the most adept of profile cutting companies. Advanced Profiles, is a Canadian based company that specializes ...
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